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DDGA Fields Day

DDGA National Championship PA18 – DDGA Field Day 6/18/18 

Random Doubles

9:00 AM Sign Up, $5 per player ($10 a team)

9:15 AM Random drawing/Players meeting

9:30 AM Tee off (Best Shot format) 1 Round

Divide into two groups: One group of more skilled players and another group of less skilled players.  More skilled players put their minis in “hat” and have each player in less skilled group pick a mini from “hat” to match up player from more skilled group.

Payout to around 40% (If 10 teams, then payout to top 4 teams, if 20 teams then payout to top 8 teams)

Lunch Break – 12:30pm to 1:30pm

Putting Contest

1:30pm – Sign Up, $5 per player

One basket with three stations marked at 10’, 20’ and 25’ (Ladies 5’, 10’ and 15’).  We will have 4 putters at each station (total 12 putters).  Putters are provided by DDGA.  Putts made from 1st station worth 1 point, 2nd station worth 2 points and 3rd station worth 3 points.  Perfect score is 24.  It is timed (for tiebreaker purpose).  (Similar format as GBO).

Top 16 finishers will play single elimination bracket later in the afternoon.  Basket with two stations (one at 28’ and other at 32’), two putts (player use his/her own putters) from each station (1 point for each putt made) and first to get 9 points win (if tied, then continue until win by 1).

Top 4 finishers will play for showcase during awards ceremony.

Upshot Placement Accuracy Contest

2:30pm(‘ish) (after Putting Contest 1st round), Sign Up, $5 per player

5 throws from a spot to basket approx 200’.  Total of 5 rings around the basket.

Ace is worth 10 points.  Bullseye (5’) 5 points, 15’ ring 4 points, 25’ ring 3 points, 35’ ring 2 points and 45’ ring 1 point.  Beyond 45’ ring is 0 points.

Perfect score (if no ace) is 25 points.

Long Distance Contest

3:30pm (‘ish) (after Upshot Placement Accuracy Contest), Sign Up $5 per player

Two divisions: 39 or under and 40+

5 throws, pick one best distance throw out of 5.

Top 2 for Long Distance Showcase during Awards Ceremony for each divisions,  pick a best throw out of 3 throws.

Putting Contest – Round of 16 and 8

4:30pm (‘ish) Round of 16 and round of 8.  Top 4 save for Awards Ceremony Showcase.  Look at the “Putting Contest” info above for this format.