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Wondering if you would like to sponsor the 18th Deaf Disc Golf National Championship in Allentown, PA. As a non-profit event, we need financial resources to help achieve our goals. Whether you are able to contribute a monetary sum or merchandise, all help is appreciated. What we would like is to feature your company throughout the year until the end of event on June 24th, 2018. This means your company can be advertised, recognized, and promoted for all walks of the deaf life via social media, our website, recognition on the field of play, caddy books, and introductory/closing remarks.

North Jersey Community Center of the Deaf, Inc., is officially qualified under Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code as a non-profit charitable organization. This club is also determined as a public charity by Internal Revenue Service. As an official sponsor, this club is supporting 18th National Deaf Disc Golf Championship Tournament in Allentown, Pennsylvania in the summer of 2018.

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

Sponsor Application Form: Click here to download to see what each Sponsor Level offer

NJCCD, Inc. Event Supporter Proof Letter: Click here to download NJCCD, Inc. Supporter Proof.

NJCCD, Inc. 501c3 Proof: Click here to download NJCCD, Inc. 501c3 Proof.

For additional information or questions, please contact us here.

Main Sponsor (Cash: $4,000 or plus; Merchandise: $5,000 or plus, 1 out of 1 sponsorship):
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Platinum Sponsor (Cash: $1,500-$3,999 or Merchandise: $2,500-$4,999):
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Gold Sponsor (Cash: $750-$1,499 or Merchandise: $1,000-$2,499):
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Silver Sponsor (Cash: $300-$749 or Merchandise: $500-$999):
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Bronze Sponsor (Cash: $200-$299 or Merchandise: $300-$449):
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Tee Pad / Caddy Book Sponsor ($50 – $199 cash or Merchandise $100-$299):

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Little Lehigh Parkway DGC: Jordan Creek DGC:
1. Uline 1. Lehigh Valley International Airport (Gold Sponsor)
2. Dick’s Sporting Goods 2. Zuca Inc. (Bronze Sponsor)
3. Lauren Stewart 3. ProActive Sports Disc Golf (Bronze Sponsor)
4. Infinite Discs 4. Drake Aschliman Graphic Design
5. Ridge Roller Customs 5. Sorenson VRS (Bronze Sponsor)
6. Paragon Disc Golf 6. Mr Disc Golf (Platinum Sponsor)
7. Wally Parsinitz 7. NJCCD (Platinum Sponsor)
8. Bobo’s Oat Bars 8. Lehigh Valley Discgolf Club (Platinum Sponsor)
9. Fly High Disc Golf 9. DDGA (Silver Sponsor)
10. Washington Deaf Disc Golf Association 10. Carlisle Coyotes (Silver Sponsor)
11. Minnesota Deaf Disc Golf Association 11. Deaf Island Disc Golf
12. Oregon Deaf Disc Golf Association 12. Davis Family (Silver Sponsor)
13. Dynamic Discs (Gold Sponsor) 13. Kent Schafer (Silver Sponsor)
14. Sorenson VRS (Bronze Sponsor) 14. Tony Pert (Silver Sponsor)
15. Skeet Scienski (Silver Sponsor) 15. Disc Golf Monkey (Gold Sponsor)
16. The 509 Company (Gold Sponsor) 16. Dynamic Discs (Gold Sponsor)
17. Lehigh Valley International Airport (Gold Sponsor) 17. Skeet Scienski (Silver Sponsor)
18. Disc Golf Park (Silver Sponsor) 18. The 509 Company (Gold Sponsor)
Bluemountain Valley DGC: Bluemountain Skyline DGC:
1. Disc Golf Park (Silver Sponsor) 1. Black Monocle Discs (Bronze Sponsor)
2. The 509 Company (Gold Sponsor) 2. Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf  (Bronze Sponsor)
3. Skeet Scienski (Silver Sponsor) 3. The 509 Company (Gold Sponsor)
4. Kent Schafer (Silver Sponsor) 4. Kent Schafer (Silver Sponsor)
5. Teddie Barnett 5. Team ASL Prodigy
6. Innova Disc Golf ASL 6. Blue Mountain Resort
7. Lamb Printing Inc. 7.
8. DDGA (Silver Sponsor) 8. DDGA (Silver Sponsor)
9. Carlisle Coyotes (Silver Sponsor) 9. Carlisle Coyotes (Silver Sponsor)
10. Davis Family (Silver Sponsor) 10. Davis Family (Silver Sponsor)
11. Tony Pert (Silver Sponsor) 11. Tony Pert (Silver Sponsor)
12. Disc Golf Monkey (Gold Sponsor) 12. Patrick Harris
13. Lehigh Valley DG Club (Platinum Sponsor) 13. Disc Golf Monkey (Gold Sponsor)
14. NJCCD (Platinum Sponsor) 14. Lehigh Valley Discgolf Club (Platinum Sponsor)
15. Mr Disc Golf (Platinum Sponsor) 15. NJCCD (Platinum Sponsor)
16. New England Deaf Disc Golf 16. Mr Disc Golf (Platinum Sponsor)
17. Dynamic Discs (Gold Sponsor) 17. Dynamic Discs (Gold Sponsor)
18. Discs Unlimited (Bronze Sponsor) 18. Lehigh Valley International Airport (Gold Sponsor)
Final 9:
1. Nor Cal Deaf Disc Golf Club (NorCalDDGC)
2. Black Monocle Discs (Bronze Sponsor)
3. Pennsylvania Society for the Advancement of the Deaf  (Bronze Sponsor)
4. Zuca Inc. (Bronze Sponsor)
5. Lehigh Valley International Airport (Gold Sponsor)
6. Disc Golf Park (Silver Sponsor)
7. ProActive Sports Disc Golf (Bronze Sponsor)
8. Discs Unlimited (Bronze Sponsor)
9. Phase 22 Creative Design

Generosity Sponsor ($1 – $49 cash or Merchandise $1-$99):
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1. Allen Brokaw
2. Disc Store
3. Kevin Nadrowski
4. NutSac Bags
5. Chad Shine [Banksy art series super color Buzzz]
6. Kent Schafer [One Disc Donation]
7. Marcus Reguera [One Disc Donation]
8. Michael DuRoss [One Disc Donation]
9. Adam Silva [One Disc Donation]
10. Dominic Adams [One Disc Donation]
11. Bradley Isakson [Two Discs Donation]
12. Bob McMahon [One Disc Donation]
13. Team ASL Prodigy [Five Discs Donation]
14. Mark Farr [Two Discs Donation]
15. Jesse Thomas [Two Discs Donation]
16. Ian Jones [Three Discs Donation]